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Ralph McQuarrie - 'TRIBUTE' Limited Edition Art Print by Mark Raats - Celebration 6

Price: $40.00
Ralph McQuarrie 'Tribute' Limited Edition Art Print by Mark Raats.

With the passing of Star Wars Artist Ralph McQuarrie on March 3rd 2012, we asked three artist to create a tribute print. Brian Rood, Mark Raats and Tsuneo Sanda created 3 wonderful prints for celebration 6, August 23-26. Each print is limited to 250 pieces Signed/Numbered by the artist.  Measures 22x17.

Mark Raats is a retired 2D animator who currently works as an illustrator primarily for Disney and Lucasfilm.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, the cell animation Raats was doing in late 1970’s gave way to his interest in the fledgling computer graphics industry where he completed his first computer animated short film in December 1985. 

Tired of plugins, rendering and rigging, in the year 2000 Raats was reintroduced to traditionally rendered art after he was commissioned to do a portrait of President Nelson Mandela. His first official project for Lucasfilm was done around 27 years ago and in the time since, he created official poster art for amongst others, the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises. For his personal collection, George Lucas has purchased almost all of the original paintings Raats has created for those franchises.

Mark Raats currently works from his studio in Perth. His most recent work includes two privately commissioned illustrations for the MARVEL legend, Stan Lee and official poster art for Lucasfilm/Disney’s SOLO and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

For more about Mark Raats visit

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